Flowers & Confetti

Please join Katie and Adam from May 5–6, 2017 as we celebrate our wedding in British Columbia.

May 12th, 2017
Please let us know if you’ll be attending the wedding.

Wedding Reception

Roll out the red carpet for your brewery wedding. Hermitage Hill at Stable Craft Brewing is translating the winery wedding scene for the craft beer lover. Now brides and grooms can enjoy a winery setting at their favorite craft brewery. Ditch your notion that a brewery wedding means an industrial setting, Hermitage Hill at Stable Craft offers breathtaking views with landscaped grounds, sweeping sidewalks, and mountain views.

We’ve all seen pictures of winery weddings that take our breath away, and the pastoral setting at Hermitage Hill Farm, home to Stable Craft Brewing, evokes the same reaction. As a working farm and stable, Hermitage’s ballroom overlooks hop yards and has its own tasting room. Guests can participate in a Carrot Happy Hour, feeding the horses while sipping on Stable Craft's farm fresh beer between the ceremony and reception. A Craft Bar with bar-tending services is even included in your wedding rental.  

Cheers to 2020 Wedding Trends. Contact Hermitage Hill to book a tour today!