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May 12th, 2017
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Environmentally conscious couples are now looking for small ways to make a big impact on the environment. Photo courtesy of Gleason Photography.
As we learn more about the impacts of climate change, many are interested in the small changes they can make in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Why should wedding planning be any different? From plates and utensils to the confetti that is thrown post-ceremony, the environmentally friendly bride and groom have a lot to consider. Sustainability is one topic Hermitage Hill stands behind, proudly. For the savvy wedding planner engaged in reducing his/her carbon footprint, we offer 10 guidelines to ensure you don't “waste away” your wedding day. 
This sweet table decoration can double as a wedding gift for guests, serving as a reminder of your special day. Gleason Photography

  1. Opt For Potted Centerpieces

If we are being honest, It’s not realistic to keep every single floral arrangement you have at your wedding as a souvenir signifying you tied the knot. You’ve got your something new, old, blue, and borrowed, by having potted centerpieces you can check “something green” off your list as well. Potted centerpieces also encourage your guests to take more than a memory home with them. 

Photo: Ryan and Rachel Photography. Hermitage Hill at Stable Craft Brewing operates a green operation, certified by Virginia as Virginia Green Property.
  1. How Green is Your Venue? 

The best way to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint is to pick an eco-friendly venue. When planning a green wedding, choose a site that takes sustainability seriously. As stated prior, Hermitage Hill is one of those locations. Stable Craft Brewery, Hermitage Hill’s sister company puts the “S” in sustainable. The carbon dioxide used during the fermentation process of craft beer is vented into the venue’s on-premise greenhouse, benefiting herbs and plants used in the brewery’s kitchen and brews. In addition, the brewers use biodegradable cleaning materials that are drained into a grey water system. Meaning, the water used to clean the floor of the brewery is then used to water the hops! Talk about coming full circle.    

  1. Sustainable Send-Offs

    Don’t litter your exit toss! It may seem like a small thing, but throwing bits of confetti and rice around the lawn of your send-off isn't the most environmentally-conscious idea. Instead, use a more practical and sustainable alternative that doesn’t revoke the environment. Create your own mix of biodegradable herbs and flowers. Lavender, rose petals, sage, and micro flowers are all fantastic alternatives that will illuminate your “green” send off.

We'll be sharing more wedding planning tips in our next blog. "Planning an Eco-Friendly Sustainable Wedding - Part 2 of 3.
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