Flowers & Confetti

Please join Katie and Adam from May 5–6, 2017 as we celebrate our wedding in British Columbia.

May 12th, 2017
Please let us know if you’ll be attending the wedding.

Wedding Reception

Dressing for a Country Wedding.
The All Important Question of What to Wear?

You've just received your wedding invitation in the mail or sent your RSVP out. But now, the most important question; what to wear? This is a common question for guests attending a country wedding. Many people think of farm weddings as being in a field or in a large unheated bank barn, but happily enough, neither of these assumptions apply to the destination wedding venue at Hermitage Hill Farm.

At Hermitage Hill Farm, while we are technically a barn (a large quarter of a mile stable) - our refined venue offers all of the amenities you would expect to find at a hotel or resort. Paved lighted sidewalks line our front entrance eliminating the notion of trudging through a field to get to your destination. Hermitage Hill offers five heated and air-conditioned spaces, perfect for hosting weddings in any season or weather. We do, however, recommend dressing for the weather as our outdoor and indoor ceremony options are not temperature regulated. Female guests may feel more comfortable with wedges or flats if the weather has been wet due to heels the luscious grass underfoot during outdoor ceremonies. We are confident that our guests will find our location comfortable and accommodating in any season, after all we are much more than just a barn. So, dress as you would for any other venue. We offer the best of both worlds at Hermitage Hill.

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